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Mine's R35 GT-R Circuit Version


Legendary tuning company Mine's is well known among GT-R enthusiasts for its modified versions of the R32, R33 and R34 Nissan Skyline GTR's. Now Mine's has devoted its time and efforts to the latest sibling of the GT-R line. While the Mine's offered street and track versions of the R34 GT-R, this R35 Nissan GT-R Circuit Version is primarily intended for track use due to its non-catalyst setup. However, it appears that with a few changes it could be turned into a street legal car.

Like its forebears, Mine's R35 GT-R Circuit Version has already proven its capabilities on track with a time 59.367 seconds around Tsukuba, about 2 seconds faster than a standard GT-R, and 1:51.258 mins. around Fuji Speedway.

This improved performance comes courtesy of several detail changes including weight saving measures, improved inlet and outlet air flow and changes to the suspension.

At the core of the Circuit Version's changes are a host of dry-carbon parts intended to reduce the standard GT-R's quite stately weight of 3,850 lbs. Among other parts, the costly material is used for the hood (-6.9 kg), the trunk lid (-4.5 kg), the rear under spoiler (-0.9 kg) and the side steps (-0.6 kg). Mine's Carbon Front Spoiler Type II shaves another 3.1 kg over the factory item and adds air ducts to solve brake heat issues.

Carbon canards on the front spoiler, a carbon rear wing cover and carbon vertical fins mounted to the rear diffuser do not necessarily save weight, but add downforce and improved air flow for better handling.

On the mechanical side, Mine's has refrained from extensive modifications to the engine. The company has meanwhile developed a modified VR38DETT which produces up to 800 hp, but the R35 GT-R Circuit Version has to content with improvements to the engine's peripherals and to its ECU. The latter is replaced by Mine's VX-ROM Type-X, which allows control of the ignition timing, variable valve timing, cruise control and other parameters of the engine.

A high-flow throttle system drives more air into the engine thanks to an increased diameter and polished inner surface. Air flow is further enhanced by Mine's replaceable VX air filter, a three layer cotton and aluminum mesh construction, treated with a special oil to aid filtering and reduce intake turbulence. The intercooler is complemented by a custom hard pipe made of titanium that is intended to withstand high pressures and failure better than the standard rubber hose.

At the back, Mine's Silence-VX PRO Titan II free-flowing all titanium exhaust system is coupled to the company's Super Outlet Pro II for reduced exhaust pressure and improved exhaust efficiency. The exhaust system is completed by a track-only straight converter which eschews a catalyst for more power and better response at higher rpm. For road-use, a catalyst is available in the Mine's portfolio.

Handling comes courtesy of Mine's ESTA Full Spec Suspension III coupled to custom anti-roll bars. Based on Sachs shocks and Hyperco springs, this aluminum suspension is fully height adjustable with independent bump and rebound adjustment. Tires are 255/40 R20 Bridgestone Potenza RE070R on Rays VR.G2 rims in front and 285/35 R20 in rear.

The R35 Nissan GT-R's brake system - already one of the most capable on the market - was further enhanced for better durability during track use with vented and slotted 15.7 in. (400 mm) discs in front and rear and Winmax brake pads.

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