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2005 Nissan GTR Promo Concept


Unveiled at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show in 2005, the Nissan GT-R Proto Concept gives an impression of what the new Nissan GT-R will look like when it finally goes on sale globally in 2009. For the first time in GT-R history, the new car will not derive from a sedan, but receive its own specific platform and unique design. It is thus likely, that recent rumors of the GT-R losing the Skyline part of its name will come true.

So far, Nissan has not released any technical specifications of the production model, but speculation among the media suggests the new GT-R will carry over the ATTESA-ETS all-wheel-drive system of previous Skyline GT-R's, as well as HICAS all-wheel-steering. Both of these systems have already been introduced to "lower" Skyline and Infiniti G35 variants, and seem very likely to make it to the top-version, as well. Rumors suggest the 2009 Nissan GTR will either be powered by a turbo-version of Nissan's ubiquitous VQ engine-series, or a variant of the Infiniti Q45's VK45 engine. Since the GT-R is supposed to mix with the best sports-cars around the globe, power-levels are expected to reach in excess of 450 hp.

The exterior of the new concept builds up on elements of previous GT-R's, with the trademark round lights in the back and a wide single center air intake in front. In comparison to the previous Nissan GTR Concept, the headlights now flow into a lower, canted hood. More pronounced and boldly shaped front fenders feature an air vent on their back to help cooling. Overall, the stance looks more aggressive and fluid now, than it did on the previous GT-R Concept.

Notable from the side are the wide C-Pillar and the integration of the A-Pillar into the windscreen and side windows, which in conjunction with the low roofline arouse the image of an aircraft canopy. The rear is dominated by the GT-R's trademark round taillights, an underbody diffuser, and four prominent exhaust pipes.

What changes will be made to the production version has to be seen, but the GT-R Promo Concept is already a major step forward from the previous GT-R Concept. Let's just hope the car also holds dynamically what it promises aesthetically.

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