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R33 Nissan Skyline GTR 4-Door


The Autech GT-R 4-door version was released on January 16th, 1998 to celebrate the Skyline's 40th birthday.

Just a few hundred examples were built by specialist vehicle manufacturer, Autech Japan, a Nissan affiliate company. Based on the two-door R33 Nissan Skyline GTR, the Autech GT-R 4-door comes powered by the 2.6-liter turbocharged inline-6 RB26DETT engine. Handling is complemented by all-round multi-link suspension and the highly sophisticated HICAS four-wheel steering system, which gives the car razor-sharp turn-in characteristics and excellent mid-bend stability.

At the same time, the ATTESA-ETS electronic torque split system controls the delivery of power to each of the four wheels. Under normal driving conditions, 100 per cent of the power is directed to the rear wheels, but during fast acceleration or cornering, when extra traction is required, up to 50 per cent of the torque can be directed to the front wheels.

Styling of the four-door was carried out by Autech and features specially designed, flared front and rear wings, rear doors, sill protectors, and protective rear side mouldings, as well as a new front bumper. The car came in three colours: pearlescent purple, metallic silver and white.

On the inside, the Autech features all the sporty updates of the R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R, like bucket seats etc.

NISMO Version

So you like the NISMO 400R, but think some more space in the back would be fine? Then how about a NISMO tuned version of the Autech GT-R?

The NISMO 4-door gets the front spoiler, carbon rear wing, and 18-inch wheels of the NISMO 400R . Additionally, the engine has been improved immensely, with a new turbo, intercooler, and changed electronics making for an increase of power to 380 hp. Of course, the 400R is overall quicker than the four-door.

But if the 400R is the ultimate race-car for the street, then the NISMO 4-door is the ultimate sports-sedan, with almost race-car-like dynamics.

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